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"With such a complex and demanding story, you need a safe pair of journalistic hands. Mr. Lowenstein possesses these. What he possesses also is a quiet but beautifully controlled grasp of manners and social milieu... Mr. Lowenstein is enthralling." - The New York Observer

"Ninety-five percent of all the books written about investing are worthless... But over the years there have been some great ones, and in fact, I have a shelf of maybe thirty-five titles. The criteria for inclusion are that the book has to give an important insight in how to invest, or help with the emotional aspects of managing money, or deepen your understanding of the nature of the beast. Maybe once a year at most I add a new title, and now with passion I am adding Roger Lowenstein's When Genius Failed... [It] should be read by every serious investor, manager of investors, and trader... When Genius Failed  is a remarkable and frightening book that will broaden and deepen your understanding of risk." - Barton M. Briggs, chairman, Morgan Stanley Asset Management

"A crackling good read.: -

"A kind of '90s sequel to Liar's Poker... [Lowenstein] excels at explaining financial matters in a concise way that illuminates without oversimplifying. It's rare enough for someone to be able to explain business so smoothly and cogently, but  Lowenstein also has a deftness with descriptions." -

"Compelling... The story of Long-Term is in some ways the ideal parable... What's more, the fund was long cloaked in secrecy, making the story of its rise... and its ultimate destruction that much more fascinating."
- The Washington Post 

"Imagine a drama that revolves around a cast of brainy, quirky characters, is set against a backdrop of phenomenal wealth, and has a plot that threatens to bring the entire financial system to its knees. Then go out and read When Genius Failed." - The International Economy